Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes

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TDS3000C Series
Features & Benefits
Key Performance Specifications
*100 MHz, 300 MHz, and 500 MHz Bandwidth Models
*2 or 4 Channels
*Sample Rates up to 5 GS/s Real Time on All Channels
*10 k Standard Record Length on All Channels
*3,600 wfms/s Continuous Waveform Capture Rate
*Suite of Advanced Triggers
Ease-of-Use Features
*Front-panel USB Host Port for Easy Storage and Transfer of Measurement Data
*25 Automatic Measurements
*FFT Standard
*Multiple Language User Interface
*WaveAlert? Automatic Waveform Anomaly Detection
*TekProbe? Interface Supports Active, Differential, and Current Probes for Automatic Scaling and Units
Portable Design
*Lightweight Design (only 7 lb./3.2 kg) for Easy Transport
*Optional Internal Battery Operation Provides up to Three Hours Without Line Power
*Application Modules for Specialized Analysis
*Advanced Analysis Module
*Limit Testing Module
*Telecommunications Mask Testing Module
*Extended Video Module
*601 Serial Digital Video Module
*Digital Design and Debug
*Video Installation and Service
*Power Supply Design
*Education and Training
*Telecommunications Mask Testing
*Manufacturing Test
*General Bench Testing